Wednesday, 25 August 2010

@bertswattermain 's Alternative Follow Friday.. #altff

@bertswattermain came up with this inspired idea.. #altff.  Each week Bert tweets a theme for that week's #altff.. last week it was draw a cartoon self-portrait and tweet it, with the tag #altff.  Those who like what you have done will retweet you as their #altff recommendation.. sweet.

Twitter is stuffed full of talent, it was a real joy to witness.. Here are some of my favourite twitpics from last week's #altff :







This is absolutely fantastic from @the_original_PD , who tells me he isnt known as "Dick Face" for nothing..

Last and definately least.. my effort, complete with little Pickles:


  1. These are even better than they were on Tweetdeck, what superb work by everybody. Really glad I was just a spectator now, I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler.

    Well done everybody.

  2. It was superb, the drawings and talent were excellent. Not sure my effort deserves a mention. But it was a great fun, thanks for posting them again H..

  3. I missed it completely - thanks for posting here... expecting the same this week!
    x @ClareKirwan

  4. I am totally devastated that MY effort - something I laboured on for several seconds - failed to be displayed. I may give up art completely as a result :'-(