Wednesday, 4 August 2010

To follow by faith alone is to follow blindly.....

Wise words from Benjamin Franklin.. so why do we "Follow Friday" ?  To be honest, I rarely follow people through Follow Friday as I dont like being told what to do (except in the bedroom *wink*)  I love being nominated for #FF s tho, nothing like a good #FF ing but does it really work.. ? Week after week I see tweets saying "why do I always LOSE followers on Follow Friday?"..

The knack of gaining followers on a Friday is to only tweet extremely fantastic tweets all day and have a cracking bio and avatar.. your new followers may not stick with you tho when you swiftly return to your usual tirades, hashtag games, smutty jokes and "here's my dinner" tweeting..

And why do we all want more followers anyway? To make us feel good about ourselves... and it does, most of the time. Until you start getting into the big numbers and almost every tweet you make leads to people sniping at you, retweeting you with a twist and sometimes, literally abusing you for your opinions.. oh, just me then!  OK, if you only tweet jokes and stay off the controversial topics then you are pretty much on safe ground having a large following.  

Personally, I like a large following for two reasons.. one to share my humour with as many folks as can stand me, I literally cry with laughter at some of the tweets I have in reply to mine.. The other reason is more serious, I have a lot to say (you may have noticed) on current affairs and general do-gooding issues.. The larger my following, the larger the potential audience and importantly, thanks to the re-tweet, the quicker the information can spread..

It is really hard to pick reasons to recommend someone for a "#FF" though and I often cop-out and only do a handful.. I have saved some favourite tweets this week to share with you, these folk made me laugh this week and I would love to give them all a good #FFing.. *wink*  Enjoy xxx


And finally.. this gem from @krunchiefrog...


  1. Hi HC,

    I find the whole process to be too much of a chore, i used to be happy to do them but i found that in some people's cases that if you did do them then you'd get a "Thanks!" back from them and not a reciprocation of a #FollowFriday in return, which i found to be poor form.

    Instead, i just put all the people i really like into a list and implore people to go look at it and select some people to follow from that, it's easier for me and i don't end up cluttering other people's timelines with lists and lists of #FollowFriday recs.

    Another thing i cannot stand is people who retweet #FollowFriday lists because their own name is in it, i really don't understand that behaviour and one of the worst offenders i've seen for that is a person called @RadioRabies, whom i know has a podcast and a blog of some description so probably wants to promote it as much as possible, but to people like me, it just seems like a right ego wankery thing to do.

    Good blog though, i agree with all of your points :)


  2. Excellent, nuff said, right!!