Monday, 2 August 2010

The "Big" One...

So, ranting over (for a minute).. the blog is entitled "The Big One".. not because I intend to bore you even more than usual but because, in case you have missed my subtle hints... I will be 40 this month.. hard to believe I know.. *cough*

How do I feel about turning 40? Hmm.. couldnt give a stuff to be honest.. I remember one of my older sisters making a big song and dance about it, she didnt want cards, presents.. we werent allowed to speak of it.. how silly. To me, its just another birthday, I dont want fuss but then I never do.. despite my extreme Leo tendencies and appretiation of gifts and love in all forms..

I shall however, be hosting  a #TwitterFancyDressParty on Saturday 7th and you are all invited.. you must bring with you a new avatar, virtual goodies and a sense of humour : )

Other Lovely Leos with birthdays this month are @SkyBlueStacey & @Splottdad (both on the same day as mine!).. @madsainty, @Fleur75 , @FrancisT27 , @dnsnow , @CarolynAWebster , @blacflag and @zainyk.. Happy Birthday!!

Thanks to all who came to the party, was a great night!  Extra thanks to these nutters who dressed up with me:

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