Saturday, 14 August 2010

My love affair with Tweetdeck

Yes, I know you all think that @ericpickled is the love of my life, he does play a very heavy part in it but my true Twitterlove has to be Tweetdeck.

When I started tweeting in December 2009, like many others I suspect,  I didnt really "get" it..  I 'm not one for reading instruction manuals and always work things out for myself so didnt research it at all. More fool me but at least it cut down my tweeting - for a while anyway ; )  Slowly I discovered features like "mentions" and "DM's" Direct messages.. also the Retweet section where I could see if I had a tweet RTd.  All of that took ages though and I found it a chore to reply to people, often having forgotten what tweet of mine they were responding to.

Then, one fine day, a friend installed Tweetdeck for me.  I must say, I was unimpressed.. she jokingly told me it would change my life, she was right!  Suddenly I could easily join in conversations, see mentions, DMs and all friends tweets at the same time. I could add columns to see everything my favourite tweeps had to say and see what they were saying to each other, nosey cow that I am ; )   I can reply to a person hashtagging and the tag appears automatically, saves typing it out again. I could go on.. and in fact I will : )

I have started making pages with more info about how to use Tweetdeck, as they are finished I will link them up to this blogpost. It is quite a big topic so bear with me!  : )

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