Monday, 2 August 2010

Housing "Benefit" you say?

So, I am a bit cross today. My landlord recently visited and asked me to start looking around for another house as he wants to sell this one.. We ve only been here for 6 months and I had asked for a long-term let as, to be honest, we ve had enough of moving. But its his house, his decision obviously so I started making enquiries.

We live in a small village, with just 54 council houses - all of which are taken and with a massive waiting list for them. The only chance I will have of ever getting one is through somebody dying and us being made homeless. We need to stay in the village as I struggle to drive and the children need to get about as independantly as possible, their school and friends are all here and they can easily pop to the shops for me if I need them to.

There are currently two, three bedroomed houses available to rent in the village, that in itself is rare.. I asked for more information as you do and was "interviewed" by the Estate Agent about my current circumstances. I told her that I can provide glowing references, deposit etc and will easily pass the credit checks.. Oh, but I am off sick at the moment from work and as I am on minimum Statutory Sick Pay , I am receiving a rent top-up via Housing Benefit. The Estate Agent fell silent for a moment and said, I ll check with the landlords and get back to you..

Some five minutes later I was given the news that the landlords are not prepared to rent to me as I claim Housing Benefit..  in this day and age..

Here we go again, kids.. all aboard:


  1. Humphrey, this is a bloody disgrace. I'm at a loss for words (not my usual position) but will be thinking about this as best I can.
    Have you spoken to your local councillor? Of course you have, what am I saying. Thinking out loud can help me some times. I won't forget about this, will be thinking of you all.
    Iain Monty

  2. As Iain said its a disgrace, I really hope things work out. Would it pay not to mention benefits next time you speak to Estate Agent?